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Warm season is here!

We're now in our Warm Season Hours. Stop by and say hi, Munchie and us would love to see you! Our plants would, too!

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Always remember: our plants are raised in a soil-mix that uses environmentally-friendly, sustainably-sourced ingredients (it's even probiotic for healthier roots!), and they are all 100% chemical-free! That includes no use of neonicotinoids by us or our suppliers, for 100% bird-and-bee-friendliness. Make a choice that's better for your garden, and better for the Earth. Choose Kent's!

About Us:

Exceptional Quality, Large Selection, Guaranteed.

Our well-informed, friendly staff is always ready to assist you in finding the plant or bird-feeder that's just right for you (and your garden or birds).


Our Story

Kent's was started in 1992 to meet the needs of perennial plant-lovers and bird enthusiasts in the local area. We continually expanded our product line which now includes nearly one thousand perennial plant varieties, and a large array of bird feeders, houses, and accessories. We are a retailer who grows our own plants to ensure their hardiness and durability in your garden. At Kent's, our goal is to ensure your gardening success.


Our Guarantee

We provide the best quality plants, and offer any advice you might require for success. We guarantee our plants to be true to name, and healthy at the time of purchase.

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