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About Us

We offer well-established, high-quality perennials, annuals, and veggies! We also carry organic plant foods and fertilizers, and natural garden-pest solutions.

Our plants are grown in our all-natural, nutritious, chemical-free, pro-biotic soil mixture, which uses as many sustainably produced ingredients as possible, to give you a premium plant that's 'green', too!

For you bird lovers, we have a wide selection of premium seeds and custom seed mixes, feeders, houses, poles, baths, baffles, and other supplies.

New at Kent's:

It's been a good growing season! - 08/31/22


It's been fun serving you all this season! Our final plant sale starts tomorrow and goes through Monday, September 5th. Then onto getting the plants ready for bed. Hope to see you one last time before the season ends!

Warm Season Hours have arrived! - 04/28/22


It's still a bit chilly out there, but we couldn't wait any longer!

See them here!

Our What's New for 22 plant list is here! - 04/19/22


There's some cool stuff in there.

Check it out here!

We've started bagging plants! - 04/06/22

That's right! Apparently, there's a shortage of plant pots this year, so we switched to plant bags for now. They're biodegradable, so that's good.

Welcome to our new site! - 04/01/22

Things were getting old and dusty with our website, so we decided to redo it and spiff it up a bit! It has mostly the same content, just some prettier pictures and videos. Let us know what you think!

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